Posted by: darmonation | August 12, 2008

3rd Time’s a Charm

Welcome, Friends, to my 3rd blog in two years. Some of you may remember the District of Contention, a blog I shared with a friend of mine, who most of you also know but shall remain namelessl, on account of my commentary about him being the reason we had to shut the blog down and him almost losing his job. You may also remember, a blog I started when cooped up in a studio apartment for a few months without cable television. It’s still up, but I’m not posting there anymore as I got sick of the “Canadian Beefcake” monicre, and much prefer wordpress to blogspot (that’s right folks, there IS a google app I don’t prefer over everything else!) So anyways I figured I’d start fresh with DarmoNation, which is admittedly just as stupid as Canadian Beefcake, but a little less groteque sounding.

I hope you’ll enjoy all the wild and crazy thoughts that come into this brain of mine – I figured that if they are half as amusing to you as they are to me, it’ll be worth putting them out on this interweb.


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