Posted by: darmonation | September 10, 2008

Great Googleee Moogleee – Google Rocks!

Anyone who knows me somewhat well knows that I am obsessed with Google. This isn’t just because I own a share or two (and not more than that) in the internet giant, but rather, because I really do think that they have the most innovative and useful web applications in existence. Let’s take a look at some of these:

1) they come out with the most badass search engine out there

2) they take on MSN hotmail and other free online e-mail providers with the launch of GMail, which is somehow still in Beta (How great is their non-beta, live version going to be?!?!?!)

3) they not only create GChat to compliment GMail, but they actually enable users to incorporate their AOL Instant Messenger chat functionality WITH their GChat contacts – bye bye AIM

4) Google creates a free suite of online apps that enable users to stop using the client-based Microsoft Office products and adopt Google Docs, Spreadsheets, and Presentations, all with the ability to save on the web and share with others – dare I say they are challenging SharePoint? 

5) Google Finance is an awesome way for people to assess their stock portfolios and do company research – more user friendly than Yahoo Finance or anything my etrade bank provides. 

6) Google purchases Picasa, which is by far the most superior picture-storage application in existence

All these wonderful applications that directly take on the Monolith that is Microsoft, who just doesn’t seem to “get the web.” And all for free. 

And now….Google releases their own web browser, aptly named “Chrome” – shiny, new, fresh, fast. And it is. Sure it’s got a few bugs, like the fact that some sites requiring java applets won’t open, but all in all it’s a damn good browser, it’s intuitive, it’s user friendly, it’s fast, and it’s awesome. You should download it.  While I love the lesser known Firefox browser much more than Internet Explorer, I don’t think anyone can touch the genius of Google.



  1. As a user of many of google’s products, and enjoyer of the same, I still can’t help but wonder what the implications and ramifications of some of google’s ugly habits, think text scanning, massive storing, and all-together “big brother-ness” will be in the years to come? What if unlce sammy and his government were able to demand access to google’s user files, e-mails, search history, etc., wouldn’t that concern you? Even if you had nothing to hide?

  2. You raise some very good points, however, I believe that 10 years from now, everyone’s entire life will be virtual. Just as the government can look at your library history, trace cell phone calls, and generally uncover anything about you if they really want to through traditional methods, they will start looking to the web for that. It’s a sign of the times, really. 10 years ago people were very hesitant to put their financial information online, but now I can’t get my bank to STOP sending me paper statements, since all my banking is done online. Good concerns, but as you point out, if I’ve got nothing to hide, I’ve got nothing to fear….

  3. NVD you’ve been DARMONATED!

  4. According to, in Jan. 2008, Google’s market share of the search engine world was 68.6%. Yahoo, in the number 2 spot at the time, carved out 16.7%. Pretty good news if you are a share holder!

    On the other hand, Lord Acton would likely say:

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

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