Posted by: darmonation | September 10, 2008

What Does MTV Stand For Anyway?

This evening I was watching the “MTV VMA’s,” which I believe stands for “Music TeleVision – Video Music Awards.” Roommate and I were wondering why MTV calls itself MTV anymore, since all the VMA’s are pretty much the only time they actually play music anymore. Aside from TRL (Total Request Live), which isn’t viewed by anyone who’s actually graduated from high school, there isn’t much music on MusicTV – now it’s just Cribs, True Life, and other shows with no substance (although I’ve obviously watched them, and I do love Cribs just because I’m obsessed with cool cars and sweet houses). Anyways, the point of this post is to suggest that MTV changes their acronym to “CPTV+1VMA+TRL,” which translates to “Crappy Pop Television+1 Annual Video Music Award+Total Request Live.” Isn’t that more appropriate?


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