Posted by: darmonation | September 12, 2008

Insane Guitar Skills

I’ve posted these two videos on every blog I’ve ever owned because I think that they are two of the most awesome examples of how technology is flattening our world. Sites like youtube allow me to view the talent of various people all over the world, and what it ultimately leads to is companies being able to discover “talent” in far reaches of the world. The first video is a young Korean guy who was so shy that he didn’t even want his face to be on the web so he just played with his hat over his head. He ended up getting flown to the Korean Embassy House, which is right behind where I went to school, to play for diplomats and the like. How cool is that? Next you’ve got a French kid who is arguably one of the best guitar players I’ve heard. He started posting songs on MySpace and then YouTube, and has recently been sponsored by Fender – that’s how badass he is. Now… could he possibly have been sponsored by Fender without technology? Gotta love it! 

The question is, who does Canon in D Minor better: Guitar90 or MattRach!? Regardless, you really ought to check out some of MattRach’s stuff, it’s pretty insane.


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