Posted by: darmonation | September 12, 2008

“The Average American is a Total Idiot”….

This little pearl of wisdom comes from a mentor of mine and really exemplifies one of the reasons he is my mentor: sweeping generalizations stemming from observational truths. There’s no better time of year than Presidential election season to prove just how dumb the average American is. At first, I noticed it when 60 minutes interviewed a bunch of people from the midwest, all of whom said, “I was going to vote for Barack Obama, but then I heard that he was a Muslim/terrorist/relative of Saddam Hussein; so I’m going to vote for whomever runs against him.” This was back when the Democratic ticket had a bunch of people on it, including my ultimate favorite, Hillary (if I was talking, my sarcasm would hit you like a train). The 60 minutes interviewer said, “you really believe that?” “well yes, that’s what the news tells me.” 

Now, however, I’m seeing it all over again with this whole Palin/McCain ticket (notice whose name I put first). As soon as I saw Palin’s speech at the DNC in Denver, I thought, “ohhhh noooo….here we go….” because I could just hear all of the dumb simpletons across the country saying, “wow, she’s so genuine, so funny, so average – she’s one of us!” I further felt like puking when I saw the “Hockey Moms 4 Palin” signs, and the fact that they made Bristol and Levi sit in that auditorium holding hands the whole time – how contrived. Since then, however, I’ve been amazed at how many conversations I’ve had with people I would otherwise have considered intelligent saying, “I was going to vote for Obama, but Palin’s speech really made me think twice.” 

Really? Seriously? Okay, that cute little joke about the only difference between a hockey mom and a bulldog is lipstick was kinda funny. And yea, she has 5 kids, one of whom has a disability. And yeah, she comes across as kind of the girl next door. And yeah, I think she’d be a fun person to talk to. BUT HOW DOES ANY OF THAT EQUATE TO BEING ABLE TO RUN THE MOST POWERFUL COUNTRY IN THE WORLD WHEN Y OUR 73 YEAR OLD BOSS KEELS OVER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? 

I have to say this: the strategists at the GOP sure made a good choice. Obama took on his critics who said he had no experience by choosing a seasoned veteran Senator who is well respected and well versed in domestic and international issues. That’s balance. McCain did just the same – his advisors sensed that he was becoming the “more of the same” candidate, so they brought in someone with literally NO experience to balance it out. Very good strategy, but I am amazed that people who WERE going to vote for Obama are now second guessing themselves because Palin is on the ticket. Since when have the VP candidates mattered much anyway? 

For the record, I lean to right. I’m not going to say “i’m a republican” because generally that implies that I believe ALL conservative standpoints, and that’s not the case, but I definitely lean right and I’m STILL in favor of Obama/Biden taking over the White House because I think that the two of them, with their combined personalities and experience, can do tremendous things to improve domestic and, more importantly, international issues the US has. I’m willing to cross over party lines (or would be, if I could vote) for the long-term good of the country, why can’t the rest of the country be intelligent and do the same? 

For more on why McCain picked Palin, read here

For more on why this infuriates me and how I feel about it, click here.



  1. I’m pissed too, so I have to either write humor about it or start throwing things at the TV. Last night while watching Palin’s interview, I picked up my dog, but then calmed down.

  2. good post, BTW

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