Posted by: darmonation | September 24, 2008

Why Do People Love Starbucks So Much?

I’ll give credit where it’s due: Starbucks has masterminded the art of brainwashing people into thinking their coffee is any better than the far hokier Dunkin’ Donuts or Krispy Kreme brands. Hats off to them for that, and for realizing that if you put a Starbucks on two diagonal corners of an intersection, you can actually sustain and profit from both stores because of how lazy people are. As of late, I’ve begun to notice that quality control at my local Starbucks is on the decline. The place is always messy, the drinks often take waaaay too long to get made, they often don’t have milk/cream, and in general you have to wait like 10 minutes just to order something! This morning I walked by at 9:30 and there was literally a 30 person line. Who would wait in a 30-person line for 20 something minutes just to wait another 10 minutes for your drink? Lots of people, evidently, I just don’t get them.


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