Posted by: darmonation | October 29, 2008

AC/DC on CD Only? Really? C’mon now….

I’ll admit: I’m a big fan of rock n’ roll bands with frontmen who sing like their balls are in a vice. My favorite band of all time is Guns N’ Roses w/ AC/DC and Audio Slave/f.k.a. SOundgarden+Rage Against the Machine coming in a close second. Recently, I tried to find some AC/DC material on iTunes only to find that there is no such thing! No AC/DC via iTunes – sorry people who keep up with modern trends and have therefore been using iPods for the past 4 – 7 years, but if you want to listen to the newest AC/DC album, the first in 8 years I might add (lazy Australian bastards), you can only do so on Compact Disc. 


Sometimes on my way to work I pass this old guy who runs around Thomas Circle (a roundabout that encompasses a statue, to those of you not in DC) wearing high shorts and listening to a tape player. That’s right, he listens to a tape player. I don’t even remember what a cassette looks like, let alone use it as a primary source of musical entertainment. Next, I’m on the train home from a business trip last week and I see a guy with a portable CD player. I think, “Jesus…that guy has a CD player…..long time since I’ve seen one of those…..what’s the matter with him? Why doesn’t he have an iPod?” 

And yet, the guys in AC/DC decide: a) We’re not going to release our album on anything BUT compact disc (clearly their label didn’t do market research about just how antiquated CD’s are nowadays) and b) We’re ONLY going to sell our CD’s at Wal-Mart. 

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! Are you kidding me? Not only are you unwilling to transcend the barriers of 1990s music by offering your new album on iTunes, you’re also going to limit distribution solely to Wal-Marts? I’m confused, guys, do you NOT want anyone living in major metropolitan areas to buy your album? Did you seriously sit down and think to yourselves, “you know what? We should make sure that our first album in 8 years is only available to the most rural/suburban people in the country. To hell with all those folks who make good money, can afford your $150+/ticket concerts, live in urban areas, don’t have cars, and, worst of all, have abandoned the “portable CD player” in favor of the modern-day substitute: an iPod.” God forbid your fanbase advance with the times. Just because this is your first record in 8 years doesn’t mean you should market it the way you would have 8 years ago. 

Bottom line: get with the program AC/DC!!!!! There are a whole bunch of people from your generation, the generations that follow yours, and potentially generations who’ve yet to tap into how much you rock who aren’t going to get a chance to listen to this album because they don’t live next to a wal-mart and/or don’t own a CD player. This is the iTunes/iPod/iPhone generation, Angus, Malcolm, and Brian, and you might want to consider that 8 years from now when you release your next album – it might make you richer in the end. 

The End, 

Disgruntled AC/DC fan.



  1. The reason they won’t’t release on iTunes (and I wish they will) is that they can control the distribution better by only selling cd’s at Walmart. I don’t agree with it but only selling at one vendor and on their website prevents leaks and minimizes illegal copying and downloading.

    I’ll have to find a walmart on nov. 15th and buy it then burn it on my iTunes and play it on my silly iPhone… the greatest invention since man made fire

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