Posted by: darmonation | June 4, 2009

General Motors – Why Are You Still Here?

After a century in which General Motors made some fantastic cars, followed by some of the biggest pieces of shit on the market, General Motors filed for bankruptcy this past Monday June 1st, as the US Government commandeered something like 72% of the company’s debt to allow for restructuring. John Q. Taxpayer now owns a majority stake in what was once the largest automaker in the world, employing more than 400,000 Americans.

In my eyes, the US government bailout of the automakers is a joke. “But Liam, 10’s of thousands of people’s jobs and livelihood depend on these automakers being in existence.” How will bailing them out change that? If we continue to let GM operate in it’s arrogant way, perpetually building worthless pieces of crap that get trampled by foreign competition, 10’s of thousands of jobs will ALWAYS be dependent on it’s “success.” Why not take the billions in bailout funding and re-train all those workers to get jobs with companies that don’t suck? Hmm?

What’s worse, in my opinion, is that ever since Chrysler and GM experienced their troubles, and came to Washington begging for bailouts (in their private jets, no less…..stupid assholes), I’ve continually been subjected to television ads toting the “greatness” of these brands. WTF?!?!?! You come to Washington, pleading with Congress to give you billions in taxpayer dollars so that you can make more TV ads about your shitty automobiles? One question: What are you guys smoking, and can I have some?! The nerve of these pricks to go and make more ads when they are losing billions. CNBC yesterday reported that in 2008, GM spent $2 Billion on ads, but lost $38 Billion dollars. Their stock has gone from $66/share to $.11/share. I’m all for advertising. In fact, I love a good advertisement, but I think that expensive primetime national ads should be reserved for companies with good products, good management, and good balance sheets.

Rant is almost over, but the worst is yet to come. Tonight I’m sitting around and my girlfriend sends me a link to the “GM Reinvention Commercial.” She should know better than to have done that, as my blood pressure immediately shot up and I just started cussing. Let me get this straight: GM begs for tax payer dollars to “miraculously save itself.” The US govt gives it to them. Skeptics don’t think they can do it. Skeptics are right. GM files for bankruptcy. Not 2 days later, they have an ad running on primetime talking about what the NEW GM will be like? The NEW GM? How the hell can GM of old just get flushed down the toilet on Monday, and GM of NEW is already this great big promising thing? Explain….See the ad for yourself below.

This ad is just swell, and I’m glad that GM is all about it’s “New Reinvention” but this evening I saw a commercial for the next generation Toyota Prius, which is going to have a solar panel on the top of it that powers the air conditioning function within the car. Can you believe that? Think about how much sense that makes. To think, GM only started making hybrid vehicles 3 years ago…..this doesn’t surprise me, of course, because to their arrogant executive team the hybrid car was probably “just a fad” and “soon enough, everyone will be back buying Suburbans that get 11 mpg’s.” Good luck with your “Reinvention,” GM, I know a few people who are betting on you in the stock market. I, however, am not one of them.


  1. …don’t forget Liam, they still owe ad agencies for creating these ads and media agencies that bought the airtime on which the ads are running…so, in essence, you, John Q. Taxpayer, and I are paying for the production and distribution of GM’s “Reinvention” propaganda campaign. Better get that blood pressure medication out!

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