Posted by: darmonation | June 5, 2009

Miller 64….Why Not Just Drink Water?

Let the record show that when it comes to light beer, I’m a Miller Lite man. I do not find that Bud Light has “Drinkability.” I’m not sure if that advertising campaign is targeted to people who don’t like the taste of beer, and therefore want their beer to NOT taste like beer in order for it to be “Drinkable,” or what, but frankly, I would rathere drink club soda than Bud Light. Of course, people don’t do that because people want to get smashed, which is essentially what I would argue Budweiser means by “Drinkability.”

All this being said, I have to say that Miller’s newest brainchild “Miller 64” wins the “worst beer on earth” award from me, and that ain’t easy to do! They’ve been pitching these catchy little advertisements that where people go to parties and get these full delicious frosty Miller 64’s, and the other people with them get a “sliver” of whatever it was they ordered, showing them that Miller 64 gives you a lot more drink to quench your thirst for only 64 calories than what other drinks do. Of course, they don’t mention that said drinks have TASTE, and are not just fizzy water with yellow food coloring dripped into it. So horrible is Miller 64 that at a recent event I was at during which Miller was giving away FREE WHOLE BOTTLES of Miller 64 to patrons, there were full bottles basically strewn all over the place because people didn’t want to drink it. I should have taken a picture of it to post it here. Instead, I suppose I’ll just include one of these commercials. As little as I like the beer, I do like the ads…..very clever.


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