Posted by: darmonation | June 26, 2009

Death of the Has-Beens Week

What a crazy week it’s been in Hollywood….First Ed McMahon dies…..

Then Farrah Fawcett dies…..

And now, King of Pop  Michael Jackson dies…..

That’s three pretty (used to be) big-time celebs kickin’ the bucket within 72 hours. I’d say it’s pretty unlikely we see that kind of thing happen again any time soon.

All joking aside, despite the media’s portrayal of each of these three people as beyond their time and pathetic in many ways, there’s no denying that Michael Jackson is the reigning King of Pop, irrespective of the last 10 years when he’s admitted to sleeping in the same bed as little boys, fucked his face up beyond all recognition, and become more and more reclusive. Farrah, let’s face it, was hot. She was the quintessential American beauty of the 70s – the equivalent of a Marisa Miller or Jessica Simpson today – she, too, was an icon in her own right. And Ed McMahon…..well, without Ed McMahon, Johnny Carson wouldn’t have had anyone to laugh at jokes he told that were not, in fact, funny.  So he was good for something. Didn’t he also do that “America’s clearing house” thing where he brought big checks to people other than me? That’s kinda cool too, I guess. It was for those people at least. Assholes.

The real question is who’s next? This week ain’t over yet. There are 3 days left. Are we going to see another washed up celeb bite the dust? Don Johnson? Cheech Marin? Jeff Goldblum?

Time will tell. In the meantime, say a prayer for the people related to the dearly departed because fact is, they are people too and there are many sad folks out there who could use some condolences. I won’t be praying, but that’s only because my prayers go straight to the “spam” pile of God’s inbox….at least til I start going to church again….he told me so in a dream once.


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