Posted by: darmonation | July 17, 2009

Juicebox + Engine + Wheels = All the Rage? Huh?

Can someone please tell me why the public is obsessed with motorized boxes? I can understand the functionality of a minivan, as it is a practical way for families to travel; but what is the point of buying a compact car shaped like a massive square box? I mean, why not buy either a) a compact car like a mini or Scion xA; or b) a honda element or minivant type thing? What’s with the hybrid of the two? Look at some of these things – aren’t they hideous? I find it especially funny when people “soop” these cars up – I mean really, what are you doing? that’s like me putting spinners on the 1990 Toyota I drove in college…I don’t understand the trend that is forming around these boxy ass cars…someone, please explain!

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