Posted by: darmonation | July 25, 2009

The Happiest Video I’ve Ever Seen

I’m not a religious man, per se, but I was baptized a Roman Catholic. I once told my grandfather, who is extremely religious (church every day, prayer 3 times/day, no meat on Fridays kinda guy), that my girlfriend is also Catholic and he said, “is she a real Catholic? Or is she like you.” Ouch.

One of the reasons that I’m not particularly religious is because I’m still a brazen young guy who hasn’t been tested with really devastating challenges that result in me losing hope in things. I’m confident/arrogant enough to believe that as Marley said, “every little ting…ees gonna be alright, mon.” But another reason is because the Catholic church tends to be so somber and it’s all about feeling shame and apologizing for everything you do so that you are guaranteed better a good seat inside the pearly gates. At mass, people drone on and on with the prayers, and the priest will preach and pontificate to the disciples who hang their head in shame. Personally, I like the way the Baptists do it – celebrate Jesus and God by dancing around, singing your ass off, and actually CELEBRATING.

This all came to mind for me when I saw the video below. I’ve been to a few weddings this summer and this reminded me just how blah the Catholic church is – even at joyous occasions like weddings, there’s a somber tone to it. Check out this video from a wedding in Minnesota that truly represents the joy that is supposed to be a wedding day. I want you to pay attention to the halfway point…you’ll notice that you’re smiling pretty much throughout the whole thing – it made my day yesterday. And for those of you who know me, pay attention to the 1:09 and 2:50 minute mark…I think my doppelganger is in Minneapolis.

Wasn’t that just about the happiest video you’ve ever seen? Sheer, unadulterated joy. The way a wedding SHOULD be.


  1. You just sinned, just now, for thinking weddings should be fun. Not sure this is a real Catholic wedding b/c I didn’t see any bottles of wine handed out in this video. Repent for your sins.

  2. A point that should be noted was when Sony (the owners of rights for this song) noticed the popularity of this video, they added a link on the youtube clip to purchase this song via Itunes. The song jumped on the Itunes charts.

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