Posted by: darmonation | July 28, 2009

What’s with Palm’s New Ad Campaign? Pre(tty freaky).

So I’ll tip my hat to Palm for somehow pulling the magic rabbit out of its hat in the form of the Pre – that’s a sexy little smartphone they’ve come out with. I wouldn’t be caught dead owning one, simply because Palm was so late to the game – I mean, up until now they thought the Treo was still “in” and that the Palm OS was competitive. Think again, dumbasses.

So now they’ve got this really sexy device that looks like it was designed by Apple or some other manufacturer that isn’t Palm (reminds me of Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! commercials, only I Can’t Believe It’s Not A Palm!), but they are running these TV ads that almost make my skin crawl – I’m not joking you! They’ve got this one commercial with this strange music that sounds like the intro to a cheesy 80s sitcom, or the kind of music your elementary school teacher used to pop in some outdated shitty VHS about something I can’t remember, or a crappy corporate america training video that HR plays in new hire orientation. Then, this pale, anemic looking redheaded woman who appears to be wearing a nightgown turns around and starts talking to me about street lights and going “bing, bing, bing” while she plays with her Pre and talks about how she’s having one of those days where life just “flows.” Woulda thought it was an ad for Always if she didn’t whip out her little clamshell phone. But seriously, she looks like a cross between McCauley Culkin and those freakish translucent robots from I, Robot with (Wiki-Wiki) Will Smith. See the video below.

See the resemblance? Crazy right? Then there’s the other commercial where Palm apparently hired the entire fleet of Chinese dudes who performed that freakishly mechanical number at the opening to the Beijing Olympic games that reminded everyone in the world that the Chinese are precise as hell and can collectively do some pretty mindblowing things. This is supposed to entice me to realize how the Pre can help me manage all the different people who “flow” in and out of my life seamlessly. I mean, I like this commercial better than the one where she’s looking at me – rather see a bunch of Chinese people proving displaying evidence that North America is going to someday be their bitch in the form of a dance routine than have this woman stare into my soul as if she thinks my heart is a Palm Pre and just wants to reach out and grab it. See that video here:

So what do you think? Is it just me? or are these supernatural, peaceful, magical “flow” commercials actually a job well done by Palm? Here’s CNet’s video review of the phone – something “useful” for you in this blog of random ramblings 😉

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