Posted by: darmonation | January 7, 2010

Off to the Races!

I’m happy to report that I’ve yet to stray from my New Years Resolution of sound spending, eating, and exercise habits. In the past two days, I’ve managed to spend only $6/day on food and run an average of 5 miles/day. Today I broke that a bit by going to lunch w/ a buddy where I spent more cash, but I DID order a salad (and in case you’re wondering, no you should NOT order the flank steak caesar salad from Matchbox, unless you like eating romaine stalks with burnt edges).

I’ve also been tracking my daily intake through, which acquired a nifty little site called Daily Plate, which I discovered years ago during one of my many unsuccessful dieting stages. It’s somewhat tedious to track everything you eat, and downright difficult when you’ve been bad and don’t want to admit it, but it keeps you honest and for the most part provides accurate nutritional information on just about any food product out there, as well as solid calorie-burning data for tons of exercises and activities. For instance, did you know that the average 145-pound person will burn 230 calories/hour saddling horses? Disappointingly enough, that same 145-pound person will only burn 52 calories/hour during (moderate) sex. And although vigorous sex burns nearly double that, sadly it’s still not as good for your weight loss goals as saddling horses…


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